About Us

All successful and sustainable businesses thrive on the basis of reputation and trust. It takes years of unrelenting and painstaking effort to build reputation and gain the trust of all stakeholders. Yet, the same can be torn to shreds in a matter of days if businesses are not adept at handling the challenges posed by a volatile and complex business environment.

“Reputation” and “regulation” are inextricably linked to each other. It is well known that regulatory and government policies can make or mar a business and play a pivotal role in determining whether businesses are able to deliver as per stakeholders expectations. Added to this are the challenges posed by a tough compliance environment, especially in the context of zero tolerance towards organizations/entities which are deemed to be non-compliant.

At Bespoke, we aim to bridge the divide between government policies and industry requirements by identifying and understanding the gaps and providing effective policy advocacy support to our clients for facilitating industry friendly policies. Further, we also strive to ensure that our clients stay compliant with the regulatory regime, especially in the context of international business (imports and exports) and issues related to World Trade Organization.

With professionals having over 20 years of experience in public policy, we approach the problem not just as consultants but also by being a part of our clients’ systems and processes. We aim to get the best understanding of our client’s business so that we can arrive at win-win solutions for the benefit of both the industry and the government.